Friday, May 14, 2010

BESCOM Name Transfer Procedure

After buying my apartment in Bangalore, it was a reasonably tiresome job to get the BESCOM connection transferred to my name. This blog is to help people who are in the similar position & want to get the name changed of their own, without going to agent or without paying any bribe.

You need to make a file with all the required documents and submit the file in your jurisdictional Assistant Executive Engineer's office by paying a fees of Rs. 100. Not sure whether it is Rs. 100 only presently or increased to Rs. 300, anyhow you will get a receipt for the amount paid.

The following are the documents required for name transfer:
1. Request letter from the buyer(s) to whose name the connection is to be transferred; (Format available in )
2. Copy of registered Sale deed;
3. Copy of letter from Lender stating possession of Original sale (Only in case your property is some Home Loan and the original documents are with the bank. If you have the original documents, you need to show the original documents for verification);
4. NOC from the seller(s) for Name transfer (Format available in );
5. Field Report from Jurisdictional BESCOM Junior Engineer (You need to visit his office with particular of your meter viz make, model, year etc and he will give the 1 page report. However, as per rule he needs to visit your house and then give the report);
6. Copy of latest property tax receipt;
7. Power Supply agreement for supply of LT electrical energy with stamp duty of Rs. 200 or franking should be done for such amount; (Format available in );
8. Indemnity Bond with a stamp duty of Rs. 100 or franking should be done for such amount(Format available in ); and
9. Latest paid electricity bill with proof of payment.

Kindly condone difficulties, if any in downloading the files as I uploaded the files in a free server.

All the best.

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Shameer said...

Thanks for the informaion

G A L A X Y said...


Info was quite resourceful.Infact, I followed exactly the same procedure and submitted my file to the concerned AE for transfer of ownership.I spent Rs.560/- for the entire process.

BTW, can you also post info on Khata transfer?

Thanks and Best regards,

Ganesh said...

Hi Gowri

This is excellent information

Tow of your documents are deleted.

Can you please upload them again and give me the links


sandeep crm said...

For power supply agreement and indemnity bond can i go with estamping..
if possible, format for the same shall be printed on the estamp paper or not.


findlocales said...

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